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Why Us

Let the technology help you in scaling up Business

Most BTL Agencies struggle to acquire more clients due to lack of new innovations or integration of technology .

Mutual Benefits

With BTL Assist, there is almost no miscommunication going forward between Marketing Agencies and Clients


BTL Agencies or Clients can track the Marketing Activities LIVE using the Mobile App and Dashboard Portal


Mobile App to Help you trace all the BTL Activities along with Accurate Reporting to help YOU and your Clients

About BTL Assist

Are you tired of hearing from your client that, I cannot see the my brand promotions in this area? Nearly all marketing agencies face this issue of brand activation complaints and most agencies use WhatsApp or phone camera to capture the branding activites. That’s where technology comes in action. BTL Assist, a pioneer in tracking ads with a simple but revolutionary idea of tracking off-line ads which will not only save your time and money but will also increase the effectiveness of the vendors.

Trovend Technology team developed a solution that allows businesses to track campaigns using Google Maps. BTL Assist allows you to track each ad including no parking boards, billboards, hoardings, etc., by pinpointing their locations on Google Maps. Tracking campaigns help your brand in numerous ways. The data will help you to get an idea about the location from which you are getting exclusive traffic, the number of ads posted across the targeted area, campaign’s effectiveness. This helps you in gaining the trust from your client and get more business or referrals


Accountability and Trust are key factors in Business

BTL Assist becomes fully accountable when it comes to locating every single printed ad posted in the area. The initiative will not only help you to check the targeted area but also help you to define the number of ads posted and the number of ads remaining unpublished. Since each ad will be counted there will be no wastage.


Marketing agencies often select the areas which are not counted as the important one while leaving the important ones out of the target. BTL Assist makes your brand visible in the targeted area simply by tracking the ads. You can easily track the volume of ads posted in a particular area and get an idea of whether the targeted area has enough printed ads


With BTL Assist, We noticed productivity increased drastically as each task is being tracked by the Mobile App. which allows no room for errors and excuses


There is no perfect formula of execution for offline advertising because the methods depend on the type of customers that you have. Choosing a suitable advertising strategy for your business will involve a series of tests until you find the right one. Tracking your ads on Google Maps helps by tracking your offline ads, you will get a certain idea regarding the conversion.


With the help of technology, each task will be transparent. There is transparency between the marketing agencies and vendors, marketing agencies and staff or field workers and transparency with clients Be the one to make change to your business according the market demands and situations

Start using our app


Our Innovative Solutions for BTL Agencies


BTL Assist has portal access for Marketing Agencies, Clients and Vendors for having seem-less communication along them


BTL Assist Portal has role bases access so that you can create roles like Project Managers and Field Users and the Data is controlled


Detailed Reports enables clear communication between Marketing Agencies and Clients; which also helps in building the trust as well as faster payments


Android Mobile App Which captures locations along with few important details to assists Marketing Agencies and Clients


NO BTL ACTIVITY can be done without prior approval. AND there is no more blame game by either marketing agencies or clients


Right from Project Creation to Client Approval and Vendor Tasks, Everything is including in BTL Asset Portal. All you need to do is buy Subscription


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can use the application for handling multiple clients -Actually this tools make it easy for you to manage clients and Tasks
Absolutely Yes, This is one of the best feature we have. You can engage field works in multiple locations, cities or even states and you can monitor the status from all locations from your mobile or laptop from anywhere in the world
As part of the pre-launch offer, we are giving away subscription at 12,000 INR per Year which includes 5000 Location uploads, Unlimited Clients and Unlimited Projects and Users
Only the Field workers need mobile app to capture the photos. Since most field workers are taking photos and sending them through third party apps like WhatsApp, using exclusive mobile App wont be an issue
Yes, App is designed to work with or without Internet Connection. As soon as the field workers reached an area with internet connection, App will sync the data to server instantly
Free Trial Try our free trail of 7 days or 50 uploads to know more about our utility and understand how it can help you