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Improve your Branding visibility of ads and enhance the productivity with BTL Assist

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You want to track all the things because all the things matter.

But do they? One of the most common challenges is keeping an eye on BTL activities,

Let’s assume you have set up1000 printed banners given to representative, he posted 600 but still, 400 banners are incomplete, if you want to publicize your brand through billboards or hoardings, the marketing agency will just pick 2 or 3 streets of the targeted area instead of targeting all the important parts of the area.

Getting the tracking of your brand is crucial to your success. That is why BTL ASSIST comes in action, will provide accountability, improve the visibility of ads and enhance the productivity of the marketing team to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

BTL Assist, a pioneer in tracking ads, both digital and printed came up with the simple but revolutionary idea of tracking offline ads which will not only save your time and money but will also increase the effectiveness of the printing campaign.

Accountability will help the brand to decide the number of print ads that are needed to cover the targeted areas while the improved visibility allows the brand to show ads in targeted areas in an effective manner.

Trovend Technology team developed a solution that allows businesses to track printing campaigns using Google Maps.

Our innovative and creative approach along with dedicating support provided by our team of professionals help clients to turn every dream event into reality, and we offer BTL Brand Activation’s, Mall Activation’s, LED Screens and Rural Marketing from India.

BTL ASSIST allows you to track each printed ad including no parking boards, billboards, hoardings, etc. by pinpointing their locations on Google Maps.

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