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How to Track Marketing Campaigns Using Google maps

Your Marketing agency will be running endless advertisements. They could be expecting great things for new customers, or your favourite customer could come back for more.And while each advertising is different, your task is the same: to provide the customer with the best possible service, and to seek to meet their objectives. You’ll need the right details to get the best service.

This is where monitoring comes in. Through tracking off-line ads you can see which area is really efficient and effective and how many ads are posting in the target area. It helps you to make smarter real-time decisions, and prepare better for the next one. And we’ll show you how it works. Read on to find out how you can track your marketing campaigns and provide them with even better service

Offline Marketing presents advertisers with an abundant opportunity to make a direct impact on their customers— to encourage frequent purchases, create a positive reputation for the brand, and provide feedback on a product offering. Billboards, public transport ads, video screens in hotel rooms, bus stops and buildings are important resources to constantly grab public attention.Tracking Campaign Google Maps

One of the difficulties marketers often have to focus in offline promotions is the relative lack of tracking campaigns.   BTL Assist one way meets this need by allowing marketers to track campaigns using Google Maps. For campaign specific offline.  For example, by simply tracking the advertisement BTL Assist can help marketers make their brand noticeable in the targeted area. One can easily track the number of advertisements posted in a particular area and get an overview about whether the targeted area contains enough printed advertising. BTL Assist lets you monitor each printed ad using Google Maps to find its locations. Printing campaigns that track brand support in a number of different ways.

The data will help you get an idea of where your exclusive traffic is coming from, the amount of ads posted across the target area, the campaign efficiency, and allow you to adjust the number of printed boards you need to reduce the overall marketing campaign price.

Ready to give yourself a try?

You are of course. Tracking campaigns is easy to do and equally important for marketing agencies. Make the most of the huge amount of information you have and start making smarter marketing decisions for yourself and your customers.

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