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How do Outdoor Marketing Agencies manage & track all their Below-the-line (BTL) activities?

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Are you looking for ways to know where your branding is done? You’re in the right place. Marketing operations that help brands using channels other than television, radio, billboards, etc are BTL or Below The Line activities ( basically not targeting a large audience in one go). To offer a more targeted approach to a brand’s marketing campaign, BTL activities are used.

These practices may be targeted to reach a particular target group that could be individuals:

Serving in the same industry

Working in the same residence,

Working in the same office building

Belonging to any specific social spectral group

It is evident that monitoring their performance also becomes a challenge for marketers, given the volatility and variety of customization in BTL activities. In one way, BTL Assist meets this need by enabling advertisers to track campaigns via Google Maps. For instance, BTL Assist may help marketers make their brand visible in the targeted area by simply monitoring the advertising. The number of ads posted in a geographic area can be easily monitored and an analysis of whether the targeted area contains adequate printed advertising is available. To find its positions, BTL Assist helps you to track each printed ad using Google Maps. Printing campaigns in a variety of different forms that track brand support.

The data will help you get an idea of the amount of advertising placed around the target area, the efficacy of the campaign, and allow you to change the number of printed boards you need to lower the overall price of the marketing campaign.

Ready to try something for yourself?

It’s easy to do and equally critical for marketing companies to track campaigns. Make the most of the vast amount of data you have and continue to make better marketing choices for yourself and your clients.