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Tips for Engaging Your Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Outdoor advertisement is a powerful tool that helps to unlock the growth potential of your brand. A innovative, standardized way of shared content is definitely the target of an successful outdoor advertising campaign. But, when finding the right location for your outdoor campaign, you need to make sure that your message stands out. Outdoor marketing […]
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BTL Assist-Technology to Manage your Agency

Managing projects at an agency is challenging. Your Advertising department will be running endless promotions. You’ll also find yourself wearing multiple hats and coordinating everything from client acquisition and scheduling to the review and approval process. And while each advertisement is different, the job is the same: to provide the clients with the best possible […]
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7 Reasons why do you have to opt for BTL Activities in your next Campaign?

Direct interaction  between Clients & Brands BTL activities allow for direct communication between brands and clients. Direct communication helps customers to better understand the product, and to connect both at a personal level. It helps brands understand the patterns and behavior of buying customers. Marketing for BTL includes brand activation, mall activation, email marketing, telemarketing, […]
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How to Track Marketing Campaigns Using Google maps

Your Marketing agency will be running endless advertisements. They could be expecting great things for new customers, or your favourite customer could come back for more.And while each advertising is different, your task is the same: to provide the customer with the best possible service, and to seek to meet their objectives. You’ll need the […]
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