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BTL Assist A Smarter Tool to Track Your Outdoor Marketing Campaign

With the increase of outdoor ads, business data rising almost every year, and as tech development continues to be uninterrupted, companies are finding more and more data every day. Unlike in the past, every potential sales engagement, every advertisement data,  is stored in a software system.  Finding trends and patterns from this vast pool of unstructured data can be challenging for any advertising company.

Having a strong, well-positioned marketing plan is vital to your business . However, monitoring and tracking the progress of your campaign is equally important.

One of the challenges that advertisers frequently have to concentrate on offline ads is the relative lack of monitoring campaigns. Technology will be the main factor in improving outdoor advertising as a measurable medium and making it a preferred choice for marketers. While no tool is ideal for delivering full return on investment-Technological innovation has made it much easier for Outdoor Marketing to analyze the campaign. 

BTL Assist a Smarter Tool to Track Your Outdoor Marketing Campaign
BTL Assist a Smarter Tool to Track Your Outdoor Marketing Campaign

BTL Assit  enable one way to meet this need by enabling marketers to monitor campaigns using Google Maps. For a particular offline initiative. For example, by simply monitoring an advertisement, BTL Assist can allow marketers to make their brand visible. For example, by simply monitoring an advertisement, BTL Assist can enable marketers to make their brand visible in the targeted region. One can easily track the number of ads posted in a given area and get an overview of whether the targeted area contains enough printed advertising. BTL Assist lets you track each printed ad using Google Maps to find its positions. Printing campaigns that track brand support in a variety of ways.

From plans to proof of results, BTL Assist is responsible for the detailed management of your outdoor advertising business. Billboard operators now have a business management system that maximizes sales with time-saving functionality for every screen they run. BTL Assist can handle everything from plans to proof of success, so that outdoor marketing agencies operators of all sizes can automate the task and workflows using a single solution.

BTL Assist acts as a personalized CRM solution for BTL Marketing Agencies. This is software for your entire outdoor advertisement business. All the functions of running your company are incorporated into an intuitive framework that will save you time and money, provide the convenience of a single software interface, and allow you to optimize sales and revenue opportunities.