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BTL Assist-Technology to Manage your Agency

Managing projects at an agency is challenging. Your Advertising department will be running endless promotions. You’ll also find yourself wearing multiple hats and coordinating everything from client acquisition and scheduling to the review and approval process. And while each advertisement is different, the job is the same: to provide the clients with the best possible service, and to try to reach their goal. You’ll need the right information to get the best service. If you want to succeed (and stay sane!), you have to find the right marketing management tool. BTL Assist is designed to fit the needs of the Offline Marketing agencies.

BTL Assist Agency management portal is an all-in-one workflow management tool for agencies. It makes every aspect of running and managing an agency company simple, efficient, and scalable. Strong enough to meet all the project and team needs under one roof. The module puts a strong emphasis on removing the need for investing in too many resources to accomplish a single business target.

Marketing Agency Tool

Pro # 1: Comfort

The BTL Assist Marketing management platform gives everything in one place. This feature makes it easier for marketing agencies to move between projects, and see how every aspect of the company is progressing.

Pro # 2: Marketing & Client interaction

Marketing, in general, is how you introduce yourself to your clients to prove why you ‘re the right option. If your data isn’t clean, you run the risk of it impeding your marketing efforts and even basic client communication which you can eliminate using BTL Assist it helps you generate clear marketing report.

Pro # 3: Productivity

The BTL Assist Tracking app  allows the marketing agencies to track the field executive. It will allow the field users to upload the ads and capture the exact location.  Through BTL Assist, you can notice a significant improvement in productivity as the Mobile App monitors every task. which leaves no space for errors and excuses

Pro # 4: Workflow automation

Automated workflows speed up and increase the accuracy of the processes. BTL Assist allows all of your operations to work together so that your vendors and clients have a smooth, seamless experience


Specified technology is an asset because it is already designed for the needs of your industry, so it can function in your operation. it can also help to cut down on implementation time so you can be up and running quicker.

This also makes training the rest of the employees simpler. You don’t have to build too many alternative solutions or manual processes as it’s got the majority of your needs right there for you.

Pro # 6: Familiarity

Project managers and agency team members enjoy being able to use the same resource and know exactly how it works. If teams constantly have to turn between devices, it can be tiresome and distracting. An agency management platform like BTL Assist allows you to work smarter not harder to achieve more in your day. It helps to improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

BTL Assist seeks to help companies keep their clients more informed, more involved and more loyal. This tool provides a quick, detailed outline of each project on a single screen, which makes it easy for marketing agencies to connect activities and produce successful management reports. This also helps promote notifications, task lists, collaboration, and document sharing. BTL Assist allows marketing agencies to track the Offline marketing campaign location and generate marketing activities report in just minutes.