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Set Your Business Apart with BTL Assist Outdoor marketing agency software

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BTL Assist  is a Outdoor  Agency Management Software that enables agencies of all sizes to move faster, drive innovation, and achieve more. Extraordinary marketers rely on BTL Assist for agency management, initiative tracking, Client and Vendor management, and more. With BTL Assist, you can centralize resources, maintain consistency across projects and campaigns, and increase speed to market streamlines the management of day to day operations of advertising and creative agencies. BTL Assist Designed for advertising agencies of any size to streamline project planning, collect & track business data, monitor workflow progress, analyze project results and more. Software for BTL and advertising agencies to control and report brand activations. It is the mobile solution that every agency, BTL or field marketing company must have to optimize the time and processes of field personnel and generate value for the client by sending them information in real time of the contracted projects.

5 Significant Reasons to Choose BTL Assist as Outdoor Advertising Agency Management Solution

1. Vendor Engagement

BTL Assist Efficient and open communication channel that allow managers and the contractors we work with to communicate quickly and easily.

With interactive dashboards and accurate reporting for productive customer and vendor interaction, BTL Assist helps you to manage your company quickly, safely and cost-effectively, to keep updated and fully managed with its single dashboard easily and smartly and obviously allows them to communicate.

2. Project Management

Agencies face daily number of strategic because they are unable to effectively handle their time and projects. For many agencies looking for quick, easy-to-use task management and communication that just works, BTL Assist is the go-to tool. BTL Assist brings together clients, vendors and agencies, managers and employees and their responsibilities into a common software framework for collaboration that increases productivity in planning, simplifies real-time contact with project plans and details and strengthens customer trust. Rendering real-time monitoring and reporting of in-depth insights into the organization of how teams, consumers and suppliers work against the project

3.Workflow Automation

When it comes to agency management solutions, workflows in an organization are the basic components. Associating and implementing detailed and unique workflows helps to create a personalized method to synchronize the priorities of specific market optimization processes and activities and to increase future conversions. Agency management software thus automates workflows, transforming monotonous low-value jobs into efficiency-optimizing free-running activities. So you can not only regularize standard tasks and reporting processes relative to the brand by automating particular workflows, but also maximize the magnitude of efficiency along with it.

  1. AD Tracking/Billboard Management

It is important for every marketing firm to track and assess every campaign location of your project so that you do not miss your target location. But when you can’t observe the current position of your campaign, how can you concentrate on targeted areas? A successful Ad tracking/billboard management solution can assist you in monitoring all the campaign locations, guided by certain business audit guidelines and checklists. Get the list of your offline advertising and get an idea of where your ads perform well. With BTL Assist, find it out for yourself and keep track of your campaigns.

5.Improvement in marketing along with brand recognition

Branding is now the biggest game that smart franchise companies play. Essentially, brand identity is the most critical and efficient tool of marketing agencies. Maintaining market equity will not only attract the best profitable customers to a single store, but will quickly boost sales to the entire business model. In the industry, competition is very intense, and it can be very important to identify the business without great publicity. A generic marketing management system enables agencies to carry out their marketing campaign, the requirements of which can be conveyed through software to customers and suppliers. So as a marketing firm, you gain even more flexibility and creative independence to track, change, extend, and adjust the method to suit your unique consumer needs.

To sum up

BTL Assist acts as a personalized CRM solution for BTL Marketing Agencies. This is software for your entire outdoor advertisement business. All the functions of running your company are incorporated into an intuitive framework that will save you time and money, provide the convenience of a single software interface, and allow you to optimize sales and revenue opportunities