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BTL Assist is to Assist you in your business growth Solution based on a real time use-case/ situation

BTL Assist Billboard Management Software will take accountability, improve the visibility of advertisements and enhance the productivity of the marketing team to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. Accountability will help the brand to decide the number of print ads that are needed to cover the targeted areas while the improved visibility allows the brand to show ads in targeted areas in an effective manner. The technology will further help the marketing team to improve their productivity in terms of creating compelling content for effective marketing.

BTL Assist Billboard Management Software initially called as TrackMyAd was an idea of Mr. Pavan Kumar TSK, then he partnered with Trovend Technology to to Develop the Application. We truly believe in the statement “Ideas are cheap, execution is everything”.  Since Trovend Technology believed in the idea and the need to solve the problems in BTL Industry, Developed the Complete Solution by Trovend Technology Team.

BTL Assist Billboard Management Software is one of the leading initiatives that help your brand to execute the offline ad marketing campaign in an effective and cost-friendly manner by utilizing the latest technology.

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Why should i use BTL Assist?

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

Out Door Advertising campaigns/Billboards are one of the best forms of advertising for engaging your audience compared to digital marketing. According to research published by Forbes, offline ads or direct mails have a higher response rate than email: 4.4% for printed ads versus 0.12% for emails. 60% of consumers said receiving and handling tangible objects leaves a lasting mental impression on them, and 57% feel more valued when they receive print campaigns from brands. The above figures show the importance of offline advertisements in the current era of digitization. We, at BTL Assist, understand the above fact and came up with Billboard Management Software a way to accomplish the goal of outdoor advertising agencies

Existing offline marketing strategies are full of errors or loopholes which diminish its effectiveness against the digital marketing campaign. For instance, out of thousands of no parking boards or pole tattoos being printed only 2/3rd of them are actually implemented and rest were thrown in the dustbin and also this 2/3rd of them don’t cover the targeted area. The above situation results in higher marketing costs and poor effectiveness of the campaign. Another issue is with the marketing agency. It often happens that the marketing agency will pick the targeted area randomly and will not use the required number of hoardings or banners. For instance, if you want to publicize your brand through billboards or hoardings, the marketing agency will just pick 2 or 3 streets of the targeted area instead of targeting all the important parts of the area. Hence, not only the number of tangible items purchased will be wasted but their cost will also hurt the business in one or another way.